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S01E01: Featured Guest Parent O. Evans

S01E01: Featured Guest Parent O. Evans

Guest Interview with Autism Parent Otisha Evans

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Otisha Evans hails from Jackson, MS. She currently resides in Toledo, OH with her husband and two amazing children. She is the owner of Athomewithtish, an online home decor boutique. She attended Rhodes College in Memphis, TN before relocating to Louisiana for graduate school. Otisha presently possesses an interior design license in addition to a professional teaching license. Her interests include spending time with her family, completing diy projects, and collaborating with brands for social media campaigns.


athomewithtish (Instagram and TikTok)

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  1. Can you share a bit about your personal journey as a parent of a special needs child, particularly one on the autism spectrum?

  2. Many parents experience a complex mix of emotions when their child is diagnosed with special needs. Can you describe your emotional journey and any advice you have for parents who may be feeling similar emotions?

  3. Grief and guilt are common feelings among parents of special needs children. How have you personally coped with these emotions, and what strategies do you find effective for managing them?

  4. Loneliness is a prevalent feeling among parents in the special needs community. Can you share your experiences with this and any suggestions for finding support and connection within the community?

  5. Overwhelming moments are part of special needs parenting. How do you handle times when you feel lost and unsure about the next steps?

  6. What have you found to be your greatest source of emotional support and strength in your special needs parenting journey?

  7. Finding an uplifting and supportive community can be transformative. Can you share your experiences in connecting with other parents in similar situations, and how this has impacted your journey?

  8. What words of encouragement do you have for parents who may be facing challenges in their special needs parenting journey and are seeking hope and reassurance?

  9. Finally, what are some of the proudest moments and achievements you've experienced as a parent on this unique and rewarding journey?

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