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S01E02: Unveiling Mom Guilt

S01E02: Unveiling Mom Guilt

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Introduction: Host Cheniece Patrick: "Welcome back to The Cheniece Circular Podcast, where we dive into the raw and real experiences of parenting. I'm Cheniece Patrick, your host."

Segment 1: Defining the Unseen Foe Cheniece: "Mom Guilt isn't just a phrase; it's that nagging feeling that we're falling short as mothers."

Segment 2: The Weight of Expectations Cheniece: "Societal expectations weigh heavy on moms."

Segment 3: Juggling Acts Cheniece: "I've been there, juggling work, parenting, and personal time. The guilt creeps in when we feel we're not doing enough."

Segment 4: Confronting Mom Guilt Head-On Cheniece: "It's time to confront Mom Guilt head-on. Actively defend against false thoughts and explore strategies to navigate this guilt."

Segment 5: Embracing Imperfection Cheniece: "My journey with Mom Guilt has taught me valuable lessons:

  • Accept Imperfection

  • Celebrate Small Wins

  • Embrace Self-Compassion

  • Establish Realistic Expectations

  • Build a Support Network

  • Prioritize Self-Care"

Closing: Host Cheniece Patrick: "Before we wrap up, remember, you're doing an incredible job, and imperfection is a badge of honor. You're not alone; together, we redefine the narrative."

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