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S01E03: The Impact of Autism on Marriage

S01E03: The Impact of Autism on Marriage

The Hidden Challenges

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  • Welcome to another episode of The Cheniece Circular Podcast.

  • Join host Cheniece as she dives into the uncharted territory of parenting two toddlers on the autism spectrum.

Segment 1: The Impact on Communication:

  • Cheniece discusses the unique challenges they face in communicating with each other amidst the demands of parenting autistic children.

  • Insights into how they've developed strategies to enhance their communication skills and understanding.

Segment 2: Intimacy and Connection:

  • An open conversation about how the stressors of raising autistic toddlers can impact intimacy and connection in a marriage.

  • Cheniece shares personal anecdotes and reflections on maintaining a strong emotional bond.

Segment 3: Strategies for Teamwork:

  • Practical strategies for teamwork and mutual support in navigating the complexities of parenting special needs children.

  • The importance of maintaining a united front and facing challenges together.

Segment 4: The Role of Counseling:

  • Cheniece discusses her experiences with seeking counseling to strengthen her marriage.

  • The stigma around counseling and the positive impact it has had on their relationship.


  • A heartfelt wrap-up as the hosts emphasize the importance of support, understanding, and celebration within The Cheniece Circular community.

  • Inviting listeners to share their own experiences and connect with the community.


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