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The Cheniece Circular Resource Library is your dedicated hub for a wealth of valuable resources, carefully curated to support your special needs parenting journey, with a primary focus on children on the Autism Spectrum. Explore a collection of articles, guides, expert insights, and tools that empower your path as a parent. The Resource Library is here to provide the knowledge and guidance you need within a supportive and understanding community.

This information is not meant to replace the guidance of a qualified professional who can assist a child with ASD.

Education & Reference

Exclusive free download for The Cheniece Circular subscribers
Everything from your role and response, to unconditional love & FAQs
This hefty, completely FREE kit contains a wealth of invaluable information, guidance, and resources for newly diagnosed families of ASD, designed to steer you for the first 100 days after a diagnosis. Also my 1ST FAVORITE resource. You can download it & receive a complimentary printed copy from FedEx.
The M-CHAT (R) is used to assess risk of presence of ASD, not to diagnose.
The ART is a source of receiving personalized support
A free downloadable publication toolkit with extensive resources; Spanish version available


The Ages & Stages Questionnaire for from birth to 60 months in English and Spanish
A video playlist to train parents and professionals in real ABA techniques
“Programs for individuals on the autism spectrum, or other developmental difficulties. It is often described as “the missing element””


The public-access Resource Recommendations Parent Support Group discussion thread for The Cheniece Circular
Mississippi-based a health education consulting firm promoting autism awareness & helps the community through service and education on chronic disease prevention and maintenance, healthy pregnancy coaching, and communication & behavioral disabilities; founded by Lakisha W. Thompson, an autism Mom
In-home ABA Therapy services in central Mississippi
The Center for Advancement of Youth (CAY) offers comprehensive, coordinated care across disciplines for children with behavioral or developmental issues throughout Mississippi.
Feeding & pediatric healthy eating